World Tryout


1.Basic Principles
Kabushiki Kaisha WorldTryout (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is a corporation that promotes business with the aim of creating new values in sports with a special focus on baseball players' performances and events. The Company has a social responsibility to respect the due rights of individuals to the personal information and to handle them appropriately. Accordingly, all of our executives and employees will abide by the Laws concerning protection of the personal information and the National guidelines and regulations to ensure proper protection of personal information provided.
2.Collection of Personal Information
The Company may collect personal information, including, but not limited to, name, contact details including email address, sex, age and resident address. In addition, the Company may collect additional sensitive information such as, past experiences, height, weight, school and other information as may be deemed necessary for our services (together hereinafter as "Personal Information").
3.Purpose of the Usage of Personal Information
The Company shall only use the collected personal information for the following purposes.
  • (1)To deliver relevant ads and notification about try-out and other events organized and operated by the Company (hereinafter referred to as the "Event");
  • (2)To share with the concerned business parties for executing the Agent Contract;
  • (3)To share and notify the result of votes and supporting messages
  • (4)To verify the identification of a person;
  • (5)For other purposes in a situation where the Company have a good faith belief that such disclosure is necessary to operate the Event.
4.Protection of the Personal Information
The Company shall appoint and designate a person to be responsible in handling the collected personal information and endeavor to take an appropriate management measures to prevent unauthorized access to the collected personal information.
5.Limitation of Usage and Disclosure
Unless otherwise requested by or when there is illegal activity such as unauthorized access or threatening actions, the Company will not use personal information outside the scope of the purpose under this Privacy Policy and will not disclose to any other third parties. In case the Company decides to consign a processing service to an outside party in part or all of the collected personal information, the Company shall carefully consider the selection of such contractor and endeavor to make sure the same degree of management of such personal information shall be maintained.
The Company commits to appropriately manage and to take necessary measures to prevent leakage, loss, damage of the collected personal information.。
The Company may change, revise and/or amend this policy from time to time, as may be deemed necessary and appropriate by updating this page, without prior notification to do so.
8.For Inquiries concerning the Personal Information
If you have any questions, write us at: