World Tryout

aboutAbout WorldTryout


    WorldTryout will be a platform stage that all baseball players belonging to social, university, high-school,
    independent league, MLB minor league, and free agent NPB players can show off their
    faculties maximally in the hardball matches.
    WorldTryout also will be a project that cheering from the supporters
    directly lead the players to the challenge for their next career.

    VISIONWorldTryout's VISION


    WorldTryout Inc. will construct a novel sports entertainment combining tryout platform
    with sports watching and cheering style using ICT.
    All living things are consisted from
    Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitride, and Sulfide,
    called "CHONS".
    Because there exists mother earth, that is why those elements can be created.
    For the never-give up players, WorldTryout Inc. creates sports audition stages. We hope

    As a field of sports science

    WorldTryout will research about the performance of the top-ranking athletes on a serious match.
    At WorldTryou,physical and physiological data can be obtained from top athletes who are playing in a extreme situation.
    Operation analysis by coordinating physical with physiological raw data at the hardball
    game will contribute to improving performance and failure prevention.
    WorldTryout will develop as a field of sports science.

    Cheering from the supporters raises
    the player's challenge fund



    We will open crowdfunding as the next stage challenge money for the most successful players
    in the WorldTryout event on 30 th November.
    The donated funds will be used surely for the next stage challenge money,
    such as travel expense for knight-errantry to abroad.
    We can follow after the player's fine activities with the SNS reports by themselves.
    All members cooperated with the crowdfunding,
    we will make a return for your donation with wonderful products from former professional baseball players
    going on their second career path.